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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  December 24, 2011 6:00am-7:30am EST

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delighted. >> oh. >> it has been a pleasure to meet you. >> really nice to meet you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. thank you. good saturday morning to you all on this christmas eve. 6:00 a.m. here in atlanta, georgia. i'm t.j. holmes. some bad news on this christmas eve for the presidential campaigns of newt gingrich and rick perry. their names will not be on the ballot in a key state after these two failed to qualify. we'll explain. look at these scenes. this is just a mess. near riots at stores across the country yesterday. violence breaking out. police officers injured. why? because all of these people are
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after a particular pair of tennis shoes. what would you go this crazy for? we want to hear from you this morning. also reynolds wolf is here. he'll be along -- >> wait a minute, that car is going the wrong direction. the white one is going downhill, the black one uphill. there will be some nasty moments for some of you traveling during the holiday season. we do not recommend that on this "cnn saturday morning." all right. well, when the folks in virginia go to the polls this march to vote for a republican candidate they will not see these two names -- newt gingrich or rick perry. both of them have now failed to come up with enough valid signatures to qualify.
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let me bring in our athena jones on the line with me now. how could this happen? >> reporter: well, as the republican party from virginia has said, after verification, the virginia republican party has determined that newt gingrich did not submit the required 10,000 signatures, and does not qualify for the virginia primary. only a couple days ago gingrich was in virginia, holding rallies, trying to make sure he got those 10,000 signatures. it's clear his campaign thought they got the signatures needed, it turns out they didn't. neither did perry. this is important because even though virginia doesn't hold its primary until march 6th, newt gingrich was ahead in the latest poll there by about five points above romney, 49 delegates are at stake this could be a big loss for him. it's impossible to know what state his campaign will be in at that point in march. certainly 49 delegates is nothing to shrug at, t.j..
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>> athena with the quick update. we will talk to her again next hour and throughout the morning on this developing story. just past the top of the hour now, let's turn to president obama. his re-election campaign is saying no thank to you money from former new jersey governor jon corzine. the campaign returned more than $70,000 in campaign contributions following the collapse of corzine's financial firm, mf global. the fbi is investigating that firm and the more than $1 billion in client money that just went missing. also south carolina's newly passed voter i.d. law being blocked by the justice department in a letter to south carolina's government, the doj says allowing the new regulations to go into effect would create racial disparities. a lot of people going crazy trying to get their last-minute shopping done. but you know what these folks are after? this is not necessarily christmas shopping, last-minute
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gifts, they're after a pair of shoes. the newest model of air jordan shoes sparked scenes like this all over the country. you see, people just trampling each other. there are several reports of violence in indianapolis, seattle, kansas city, atlanta, you name it. stores across the country. these are just the updated pair of retro jordan tennis shoes this is version 11 that everybody was after. there are even reports of police officers being injured. crowds of crazed shoppers fighting each other off. police officers had to use pepper spray in one case. again, shoes. let's turn to moscow where more than 10,000 people, protesters you're seeing, they're gathering there now. this is a live picture we can show you. we have seen many protests of tens of thousands over the past couple of weeks. many people upset about the elections that took place in
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early december. they called them rigged elections. this is seen as a challenge to the domination of vladimir putin over russia. security is tight in moscow where media is reporting busloads of riot police lined up along the streets. the cuban government will pardon and set free nearly 3,000 prisoners. castro administration published an announcement saying prisoners over age 60, women and sick inmates are among those being released. the president, raul castro there, cited the upcoming visit of pope benedict xvi as a reason for the mass pardon. an american contractor who has been in prison there since 2009 is not among those to be freed. britain's prince phillip was -- will spend christmas, rather, christmas eve in the hospital. this is queen elizabeth's husband. he underwent a procedure yesterday to unblock a coronary artery. prince phillip is 90 years old.
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newly released poll of likely republican caucus-goers in iowa shows ron paul, mitt romney and newt gingrich in a tie for the lead, but ron paul feeling pressure over some letters he wrote some 20 years ago. now there's a new wrinkle to this story, a solicitation for those letters describes a race war, a gay cover-up and a conspiracy theory. brian todd gets us caught up. >> reporter: as he surges in the polls, ron paul is having to defend himself over language in a letter written on his behalf. we reported previously how ron paul disavowed news letters with his names on them, news letters from the 1980s and '90s with able insults towards african-americans and others. with those news letters, paul said he didn't know who wrote
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them, didn't know who did, and never read them. now we're learning of a solicitation letter for those news letters with his signature on them. it warns of the coming race war in our big cities. it mentions the federal homosexual cover-up on aids, and says in brackets, my training as a physician helps me see through this one. it references the israeli lobby which plays congress like a cheap harmonica. the letter is an effort for people to send many money for three news letters put out by paul, where they lay out what they say is a government conspiracy so track people through new currency. unlike those letters, there's one item worth mentioning with the solicitation letter. this letter has ron paul's signature indicating possibly a closer connection. the reuters news agency says this solicitation was written
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around 1993. reuters says it got the letter from contributing editor of the new republic magazine. we contacted ron paul's campaign. jessie benton said dr. paul did not write that solicitation, and the signature is an auto pen. it does not reflect his thoughts and is out of step with the message he has espoused for 40 years. the campaign says paul disavows the letter, abhors that content and that paul does not know who wrote the offensive material. the campaign says also because they appeared under his name he should have "better policed it and he has assumed responsibility and apologized." we tried to find out whether ron paul's campaign will try to find out who wrote the letter, and maybe admonish that person. we didn't hear back. brian todd, cnn, washington. you can join cnn tuesday night for the iowa caucuses. votes finally starting to be
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cast here. it's a special for you live, "america's choice 2012" coverage of the iowa caucuses tuesday at 7:00 p.m. right here on cnn. let's turn to some weather here now. i know, you want a white christmas, some of you do, but it can get ridiculous here. look at this scene. texas will have some issues. these are the roads in el paso. a lot of the streets are glazed over sending people on quite a ride as you see there. three to six inches of snow expected to accumulate in el paso before it moves on later this morning. let us say good morning to -- who is that? is that reynolds? >> i know, hard to believe. i feel like we said good-bye two weekends in a row. >> because there was some confusion about the schedule, a little confusion about scheduling, i thought my last newscast with reynolds was going to be last weekend. but look at this little christmas gift. >> i'm like toenail fungus, you work as hard as you can to get rid of it, but it comes back.
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hello, mr. t.f.. >> good to have you another weekend. today will actually be our last day. a lot of people, again, we are talking weather here. a lot of people still traveling. white christmas? everybody says they want one, but not that much. >> the day for a white christmas was yesterday, because they had plenty of snowfall in parts of new mexico and even the day before, in denver, up to three feet of snow. there are a few spots today that will get a bit of a white christmas. we'll tell you what's what coming up in a few moments. >> all right. see you again here shortly. ten minutes past the hour, these just never get old. love to see these homecomings. we will see a lot more. isn't it just ideal that these come right in time for christmas? stay with us on this cnn saturday morning. [ carrie ] i remember my very first year as a teacher, setting that goal to become a principal. but, i have to support my family, so how do i go back to school?
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way. >> what's going on, my man? this is one of those times where everyone wants the christmas with the beautiful snow, great backdrop, like we saw moments ago. >> yes. >> but it's one of those things where people will have snow on the ground but not so many people in the form of precipitation. >> what do people want? people still want a white christmas? it would be annoying if you're traveling. people still -- the idea is still there? >> i'm a stickler. i think it depends on where you happen to be. if you're in phoenix, arizona, you look out and see snow, you're thinking what's in this eggnog? if you're in colorado, it's what would expect. let's show you who's got what. snow depth, the heavy snowfall we've had, a lot of this fell over the last 72 hours or so, especially around boulder, colorado, where they had three feet of snowfall. snow pack is deep in part of the mountains, the central rockies,
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the cascades. you better believe it. in sierra, nevada, up near donner summit that will change, especially over the next several weeks. that's what we have on ground now. we will see additional snowfall in places like -- surprisingly texas. a combination of rain, some sleet and snow forming in parts of there, towards el paso and towards texas, some heavy snowfall. lubbock and points to the south, apache mountains, the snow will be coupled with strong winds. don't be surprised if along parts of 20 you have issues with visibility. let's advance the screen more. out towards the pacific northwest, again, mainly rain. in the highest elevations, mostly snow. when you get back towards the great lakes, especially near james town, ashtabula, north of east lake, all of this is lake effect snowfall, that will continue through a good part of the day. in terms of the national
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forecast, the big snowmaker we have in the northeast, it's the prevailing wind coming in from the northwest. breezy and cool for you across the central and southern plains. but at the same time you have some of the mugginess in spots like houston, where highs will go up to about 51. 41 in dallas. 41 in denver. 50 in seattle. 42 in kansas city. 81 in tampa. 38 in new york. the scene in albuquerque, the ice and snow, what a mess. thankfully things should be better today, t.j.. >> were these scenes from here? >> that's what you're seeing there. it's not unusual to get snowfall, but it's the combination of that ice forming on the roadways that is the stickler. if you have a choice, and we have no choices when it comes to weather. if you have three inches of snowfall or a light coating of ice, you take the snow every single time. the ice can be a killer to drive on. when it's dark you can't see it. that's a wrap on your forecast.
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>> all right. thanks. people interested in the forecast on this holiday weekend. reynolds will be around a lot. we'll go to him often this morning to make sure you get the updates. he's left the white house, but he's touched millions of lives since he left. >> i love this work. anybody that had the life i've had, anybody that was given the gift that i was given by the american people, you would be crazy not to do it. >> one-on-one with president clinton and some of his efforts since leaving the white house, that's coming your way in a moment. first, a lot of gifts will be exchanged over the christmas holiday. some of them you may not use, but is it okay to re-gift your christmas gifts? >> to new beginnings. >> thanks. uh -- actually, i gave this to you for your wedding. >> this model? >> no, this exact one.
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yeah. >> i'm sorry, i'm embarrassed. sorry. >> it's okay. i hope you like it. >> i love it. >> that's a bit awkward. that was will farrell, of course, the movie "old school" he was giving a gift back that his friend gave to him. how many americans out there do you think actually say it's okay to re-gift what they get for christmas? are you one of them? is it 39%, 59%, or 79% of the folks? i'm curious about this myself. the answer when we come back on this "cnn saturday morning." om. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken.
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go national. go like a pro. 19 minutes past the hour now. i'm just shocked by the answer to this question i posed to you before the break. we asked how many americans say it's socially acceptable to regift what they get for christmas? 39%, 59%, or 79%? would you believe the answer is, "c"? almost 80% of you say it's okay to regift? are you kidding me? i've been in a little battle here with my director. we were arguing whether or not it's okay. it's not okay. come on, now. 20 minutes past the hour, we will continue this cnn saturday morning. he's not a hollywood star but he's one of the best-known names on the planet.
6:20 am
bill clinton, former president, u.n. special envoy to haiti and founder of the clinton foundation. he's been using his influence to change the world. the thing is, he says it's changed his life as well. our alina cho reports. >> reporter: no matter where he goes, president bill clinton is greeted like a rock star. the man many democrats call the best president in modern times is working to make the world a better place to live. you had it in your mind you didn't want to spend the rest of your life wishing you were still president. >> i enjoyed being president, i don't mind telling those stories, but you just need to keep doing something new. >> reporter: that urge to do something new inspired the former president to open an office in harlem and create the william j. clinton foundation. today the clinton foundation celebrates what it calls a
6:21 am
decade of difference. 400 million people impacted in 180 countries. when you hear that, do you think to yourself, wow, that's incredible or, oh, boy, there's a lot more to be done? >> both. >> this little pill will save about 200,000 lives. driving down the price of aids medicine, driving down the price of malaria medicine, building up health care systems that countries can afford to run. people ask me now are you doing more good now? >> you can go places. >> i can go places and do things. >> how many sites do we have in port-au-prince? >> he has visited hate iti 20 ts since 2009. he is frighting childhood obesity in 13,000 schools, established a mentoring program for entrepreneurs, then there's
6:22 am
the clinton global initiative. >> we wanted to be better. >> reporter: since 2005, the annual meeting has drawn a wide range of people. 150 heads of state. 20 noble laureates, everybody from bill gates to actors like matt damon. >> i try to bring people together who know things i don't and can do things i can't. >> reporter: 2,100 commitments have come out of the clinton global initiative. when fully funded, they will be wor funded $262 million. traveling all over the world. 150 countries. what keeps you going? >> i love this work. anybody that had the life i've had, anybody given the gift that i was given by the american people, you would be crazy not to do it. don't miss our holiday
6:23 am
special, big stars big giving, airs later today at 2:00 eastern time, and tomorrow at 4:00 eastern time. 22 minutes past the hour. fist fights breaking out, police having to use pepper spray? smashing glass? what could cause this? this is not some angry riot. these people are shopping for one item in particular. a pair of shoes. i'll tell you -- there they are. we're showing them to you there. another new pair of air jordans that actually came out back in 1996. now they're being re-released, and it has people fighting over them.
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getting close to the bottom of the hour now. it's been almost nine years since michael jordan retired, out of the game. but air jordan shoes are a big deal every single year. and it's always a big deal when they do a new spin on an old version. you're looking at air jordan 11. classic shoes. nike just released a new version. went on sale friday. look at what happened at stores across the country. not just long lines, let's start
6:27 am
in indianapolis. look at this. 300 shoppers rushed into the mall, ripped the doors off the hinges. you see underneath that? they are trampling over each other trying to get to these shoes. in georgia, four people arrested trying to get their hands on some tennis shoes. cnn affiliate also reporting that a mother left her two young children in the car when she went in to the mall to buy the shoes. also in seattle, police there say they had to use pepper spray after a crowd of about 2,000 shoppers got rowdy. >> i got burnt, man. came all over my face. my mouth was on fire. >> look at him. >> my eye. look. i can't -- if i lick my lips, my mouth will burn. >> was too hostile, too dangerous, pepper spray was used because that gets peoples
6:28 am
attention. >> must be the shoes, as they say. so we're asking you this morning, is there anything that you would stand in line for hours to get? maybe go a little crazy? send us your comments. i've been talking to some of you already on twitter. i keep that up on the desk as always. you can find us on the blog and facebook as well. we are getting some comments. one saying she would stand in line for a free car. others saying i wouldn't stand in line for anything. another that i commented back to saying i would stand in line and go crazy over free health insurance. let me know when they start giving that away. as we get closer to the bottom of the hour, depending on where you live, you might be getting a raise. the minimum wage is going up. we'll tell you how many states and which state also see a bump in the new year. also talking politics, newt gingrich, rick perry, not the best christmas gift out there. their name also not be on the ballot for the virginia primary. why? and how big a deal this is.
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[♪...] >> male announcer: book now, save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. the bottom of the hour on "cnn saturday morning" on this christmas eve. thanks for spending part of your weekend here with us. here's a look at some stories making headlines now.
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a federal judge is barring an arizona sheriff from detaining people who are in the country illegal. the ruling stems from a 2007 civil rights lawsuit accusing him and his department of racially profiling latinos. on the heels of the payroll tax extension, close to 1 million people will get a raise at the start of 2012. that's because minimum wage r e rates will go up in eight states starting january 1st. the raise is from 21 to 28 cents an hour it could add ko could a several states. the states, arizona, colorado, ohio, oregon, vermont, as well as washington state. this can't be good news for newt gingrich and rick perry.
6:33 am
neither candidate is going to be on the ballot for the virginia primary. let me bring in matt towery, former adviser to newt gingrich, and lee may. how big a deal is it to not be on the ballot in that state? >> if the thing goes long, it could be a big deal. quite frankly, more important for newt is he lives in virginia. doesn't live in georgia anymore. now he has to become a georgian again. he has to have a homestate that votes for him. >> it just looks bad is what you're saying. i think it's an indication that the gingrich campaign, though they will perform better in iowa than they think, they are green, disorganize disorganized. >> same thing, is it just an
6:34 am
indication of just how disorganized the campaign must be if you can't even -- come on, you're running for president. >> it shows poor infrastructure. even in iowa, as of last week, newt gingrich didn't have someone to speak on his behalf at all of the caucuses at iowa. it shows they're in it, but the infrastructure needed to really get to the victory line, and it's poorly situated. >> let me stay with you here, lee. we are done with the fight over the payroll tax cut extension. it sounds like everybody is saying depending on what happens after the two months and the battle that ensues to extend it for the full year, depending on what happens there, the beginning of next year, we will find out who will be held responsible by voters. >> this just shows a failure of being able to get along. congress all along from the deficit reduction to all of these committees that have been put forward, this is something that is dealing with the real
6:35 am
lives of people. i think the president did well with this $40 campaign. what would you do with $40? it took the conversation from this political construct to really daily peoples lives and how it effects them. >> matt, are they going to be able to, i guess, limit the damage to just either john boehner, the speaker, or maybe just to the house or are they not going to be able to keep it away from the entire republican party? >> you know, having been the refo reformed republican, now that i'm nonpartisan and know a lot about them, they can't stand -- hey, bill clinton loves me. seriously. in all seriousness, in this case, the republicans cannot stand not to fight each other. they love it. >> fight each other? >> sure. they love to fight each other. right now, what you have is a situation where you have a young group in the house who are upset with speaker boehner because they feel he should have stood
6:36 am
his ground. that's the old republican response. there will be a fight for the speakership, i think. that will, in turn, confuse the public. republicans did a terrible pr job on this issue. at first they started out saying this is the only tax break that we don't like. in the end, they said it's a tax break we like and we want it to last for a year. >> it's a tax break that helps every-day lives. >> speaker boehner admitted they may have played this poorly. last thing, give the viewers something to feel good about politically going into next year. you have anything? >> i think your previous clip says it, minimum wage going up. i think that's just little things. this two-month extension. they'll eventually, with the payroll tax, they'll make it for a full year. i think people can feel good about that. >> what do you have? >> i'll give you something good. i think we have political candidates on both sides who are extremely bright, good leaders, from the president on the democratic side to the republicans on the other side. this country is not in bad hands.
6:37 am
i think we can be optimistic about seeing some good leadership. >> wow. >> coming from the republican. >> whoa. don't say another word. leave it there. let's leave it at that. fellas, good to see you. appreciate that you all have been helping us out on the show. >> congratulations. going to miss you. >> thank you very much. >> we will miss you. >> it's been great. thank you very much. you can join cnn tuesday january 3rd, the caucuses coming up there. finally people will start voting here. special cnn coverage "america's choice" 2012. you can get that right here on cnn. in a hail of bullets he was gone. the death of the word's most wanted terrorist just one of the stories that made it a year to remember. we are turning back the calendar to january. we will start from the beginning. stay with us. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone
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sing, larry, sing! [ cat yodeling ] we should have got a cat. [ male announcer ] get low prices on gifts to stay connected. order your last-minute gifts at walmart-dot-com and get free same-day pickup on select items. save money. live better. walmart. 39 minutes past the hour. we saw notorious criminals captured or killed, natural disasters and nuclear meltdowns in 2012. right now we look back on 2011 and a big, busy year in news that it was. our joe johns takes us on this journey. january 8th, tragedy at
6:40 am
tucson, as jared lee loughner goes on a shooting rampage killing six, wounding 13, including congresswoman gabby giffords. >> the crackdown on anti-government raids. police in egypt are clashing with protesters. >> january 25th, tahrir square becomes the staging ground for massive anti-government demonstrations, protesters demand hosni mubarak give up power. >> they are chanting free egypt, certainly that's what they're celebrating here tonight. >> saif gadhafi, the son of moammar gadhafi on state television warning the people of libya this is not tunisia,s wil a much different direction. >> people take to the streets in bengahzi, a bloody crackdown
6:41 am
would follow it would take months before gadhafi would be captured and killed. >> oh, my god, the building is going to fall. >> a massive wall of water, this devastating tsunami swept along japan's coast, sweeping away cars, boats, homes, almost anything this its past. >> reporter: march 11th, scenes of utter devastation as an earthquake measuring 9.0 spawn assume off japan's coast. the walls of water heavily damage nearby nuclear reactors. and for weeks the japan government and its people feared the worst. massive radiation leaks. >> i tell you, it's now abandoned. these people are very resilient. they've been working hard, but there's a lot to deal with. to see what they've been dealing with over the past couple of days -- >> reporter: april 25th, a tornado outbreak across the southeast leaves more than 300
6:42 am
dea dead. >> one of the greatest days i can remember in my lifetime in this country. quite remarkable. >> we will bring you all the pomp and pageantry. the big moments from wedding and the reception. the moment of the day -- >> reporter: april 29th, prince william married his long-time girlfriend, kate middleton, a commoner at westminster abbey. following the nuptials, the two took a pageant-filled ride through the streets of london. >> tonight, i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> tonight, in the president of the united states saying almost ten years after 9/11, justice has been done. osama bin laden is dead. that is why you see that happening right there in lafayette park across the street from the white house. >> the political chattering classes were in hyper drive this
6:43 am
morning. i can tell you that. >> reporter: may 14th, the head of the international monetary fund, dominique strauss-kahn is plucked from a flight minutes before takeoff. a hotel made in new york accused him of sexual assault. the charges were later dropped. >> was unbelievable to even hear this this morning. quite a bombshell this morning. they are break a story out of california that the former governor, arnold schwarzenegger -- >> reporter: may 17th, political bombshell. the former governor of california, actor arnold schwarzenegger, confesses to fathering a child outside of his marriage to journalist maria shriver. the two later announced an end to the marriage. >> as to the charge of the first degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> the devil is dancing tonight. >> reporter: may 24th, casey anthony goes on trial for the murder of her little girl,
6:44 am
caylee, in orlando. shock and outrage when a jury clears her of the crime six weeks later. we have breaking news. dana bash, does this have anything do with anthony weiner? >> i spoke to a democratic source who is knowledgeable about his plans who tells cnn he plans to resign from congress. >> reporter: may 27th. congressman anthony weiner, embroiled in a scandal after a lewd picture of himself was sent to a woman on twitter, resigns weeks later. >> i am announcing my resignation from congress. >> yeah! >> breaking news tonight, a major arrest of one of america's most wanted criminals. >> reporter: june 22nd. fugitive no more, james whitey bulger, wanted for at least 19 murders, is captured in california. >> two, one, zero. liftoff. the final liftoff of "atlantis" on the shoulders of the space
6:45 am
shuttle. >> reporter: july 8th. the shuttle "atlantis" lifts off at kennedy space center, the final shuttle launch of the program. >> the flight of "atlantis". >> a scandal brings down a storied sunday tabloid. >> reporter: july 10th. after 168 years in existence, rupert murdoch's news of the world newspaper shuts down amid claims that the paper hacked royals, politicians and crime victims. >> two explosions rocked central oslo in the last hour. >> reporter: july 22nd, terror in norway. in oslo, a bombing kills eight people. on nearby utoya island, at least 70 people, many of them youngsters, are shot to death. the tragedy stuns the tiny nation. the accused attacker is later
6:46 am
described address a right wing christian extremist. >> that's just part of the year. joe will conclude the rest of it in a bit, including the penn state scandal.
6:47 am
before the break we kicked off our year in review. joe johns wraps the rest of 2011. >> it's a remarkable moment. this is a remarkably important vote for the country. it is also remarkably emotional moment for this democratic congresswoman to return to the house floor for the first time. >> reporter: august 1st, a rare moment of bipartisan support on
6:48 am
capitol hill. >> breaking news that could impact your mortgage rate or what you pay for your credit card. standard & poor's served notice this afternoon that it plans to downgrade the government's aaa credit rating. >> reporter: a big blow to the world's largest economy. america's credit rating is downgraded from aaa to aa plus. standard & poor's blames it on the lack of cooperation between congress and the house. >> steve jobs, the ceo of apple incorporated has resigned his position. >> reporter: jobs died october 5th. flowers were left at many apple stores around the world. >> new york city this morning, they're regrouping from occupy anarchy. there were a few bursts of violence, some protesters lifted
6:49 am
barricades, blocking traffic. >> reporter: september 17th, the occupy wall street movement gains steam. protesters take a stand against what they see as corporate greed. the movement grows over the next few months, even spreading to other countries. >> breaking news for you, the hikers have been released. shane bauer and josh fattal having been in an iranian jail since 2009. >> they have given rise to expectation. this is a people who are feeling that mahmoud abbas, their leader, has put them on the map. >> reporter: september 23rd, after years of failing to reach a peace deal with israel, the palestinian leader, mahmoud abbas, asks the unto recognize palestine. the request fell on deaf ears in the security council. >> let's start this morning with breaking news. it's pretty big. we have just learned that an american citizen linked to al
6:50 am
qaeda has been killed. >> reporter: september 30th. a cia drone strike in yemen takes the life of anwar al awlaki, the al qaeda leader in the arabian peninsula. al awlaki was an american citizen. >> israeli soldier -- >> reporter: october 18th, israel releases more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners in exchange for just one. corporal gilad shalit. >> the college sports world is reeling from child sex abuse accusations from an ex-coach. >> reporter: november 6th, the former assistant football coach at penn state, jerry sandusky, is charged with multiple counts of abusing as many as ten young boys over the span of 15 years. the scandal brought shame to the school and ended the career of legendary coach joe paterno.
6:51 am
>> we, the jury in the above-entitled action, find the defend, conrad robert murray, guilty. >> reporter: november 7th, conrad murray is convicted at his trial over the death of pop superstar, michael jackson. murray got four years in prison for the crime. >> it's happened again. another child sex scandal at a major university. a college basketball coach accused of abusing a ball boy for more than a decade. >> reporter: november 17th. two men appear on espn, accusing former syracuse basketball coach jerry fine of sexually abusing them. later a tape surfaced of fine's wife, where lori fine appears to know of her husband's abuse. >> rod blagojevich have been sentenced moments guys to 14 years in prison. he was convicted on corruption
6:52 am
charges including trying to sell president obama's senate seat. >> reporte >> this is breaking news, and it's history. the war in iraq is officially over. u.s. troops are moving across the border into kuwait now. >> what this means is that really the last vehicle, the last convoy of the last, last, last anything you can imagine in terms of the military is crossing into kuwait. >> reporter: december 17th, the final american combat troops in iraq depart. ending america's long war there. joe johns, cnn, washington. at about eight minutes at the top of the hour now. look at this piece of video. is this something you remember? we showed this to you here on "cnn saturday" and sunday morning. the guy on the left, the president of a country got some sticky fingers there. trying to be slick. we saw that. we will look back at some of the
6:53 am
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6:56 am
yorkland, england, she falls off the train into the tracks. she falls off. sheets so drunk -- she was jus slightly drunk. but it tells you the warnings of getting off the train drunk especially this time of year. remember the woman at the mall who was texting and fell into the fountain and then proceeded to sue the mall? saying why didn't you put up a sign? and then vaclav klaus, when he stole the pen, and he says that's what we in the czech republic do. it's a custom to take the pens, the ceremonial pens. >> to steal them? >> yes. >> and there he is with chilean
6:57 am
sebastian peneara, and he slips the pen into his pocket. yes. remember that one in the muldives, you had a ceremony, there he is, the celebrant conducting the ceremony in the native tongue of the maldives, but he is really cursing them. >> that's right. >> this week there was a fedex worker who took his fedex package and hauled it over the side of the railing. >> a lot of people were concerned about that, of course, with the holidays. thank you. we'll leave it there for our morning passport. we will take a quick break and reset things for you at the top of the hour, get you caught up on everything you need to know as you get out the door to do some last-minute shopping. that's why every day we help people across the country get into their first homes.
6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:01 am
good morning to you all. 7:00 a.m. eastern time on this christmas eve. i'm t.j. holmes. going to get you caught up on everything you need to know. some weather you need to know about today as well. a big political story, not a good christmas gift for these guys. gingrich and perry, bad news, their name will not be on the ballot in a key state after these two failed to qualify. also, a lot of people will be out shopping. but look at this. violence erupted at several places across the country yesterday. these folks are not after the hottest christmas gift, they're after that pair of shoes. we're asking you this morning what would you go crazy and stand in line for? also, did you fall into some spending traps this year? we'll make sure you don't fall into those same traps in the new year. that battle for the
7:02 am
republican nomination for president maybe got tougher for newt gingrich and rick perry. both candidates failed to qualify for the virginia primary in march. neither of them came up with enough valid signatures. virginia is not only an important super tuesday state, it is the state gingrich currently lives in. let's bring if our athena jones. how big of a deal is this? >> well, it's a big deal for gingrich and perry. as you mentioned, this is the state where gingrich lives. he lives in a suburb just outside of d.c. the deadline was thursday, he told a gop fund-raising breakfast in the state that he would have 12,000 to 14,000 signatures. so, clearly his campaign thought that he was in the clear. but it turns out he isn't. we learned this, incidentally, overnight on twitter. that's where the virginia republican party first made this known. it's interesting stuff. virginia has stringent rules compared to other states. a candidate needs 10,000 signatures as well as 400 from
7:03 am
each of the state's 11 congressional districts. it's a bit more complicated. recent polls have shown gingrich was ahead of romney in the state by five points. it's not looking good for him. this is a state he could have done well in. and 49 delegates are at stake there. >> who did qualify? >> well, right now it's just romney and ron paul. only four candidates even put in the petition. so, santorum, bachmann and huntsman didn't even offer signatures. but perry and gingrich did. as it turned out over the course of friday, as you had the republican party looking closely at the signatures, it turns out only ron paul and mitt romney will end up on the ballot. good for them, possibly. very good for them. and bad for gingrich and perry. >> all right. athena jones, some bad christmas news for these two campaigns. thank you very much. we'll talk to you again. reminder to our viewers this is coming up, i know you're dealing with the holidays, but january
7:04 am
3rd, finally it's time to start voting. special america's choice, coverage of the iowa you cacauc. president obama is saying no, that's okay to some money this money is from former new jersey governor jon corzine. the campaign returned more than $70,000 in campaign contributions following the collapse of corzine's financial firm, mf global. the fbi is now investigating the firm and the more than $1 billion in client money that just went missing. four minutes past the hour. look at these pictures. these folks are after a pair of shoes. a pair of shoes named after a guy who has not played basketball in nine years. i know it's michael jordan but come on, folks the latest pair of vintage air jordans sparked scenes like this all over the country this is indianapolis, yes, but this happened in kansas city, atlanta, reports that police officers had to use
7:05 am
pepper spray to get people under control. reports of officers being injured, people being injured, arrests being made because people are after this new version of an old shoe. also this morning, britain's prince phillip will spend christmas eve in the hospital. this is queen elizabeth's husband. he underwent a procedure yesterday to unblock a coronary artery. prince phillip is 90 years old. a lot of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, you have not finished your holiday shopping. a lot of people wait until the last minute. allison cossack has the assignment out there. i'm told we just lost her signal. i suspect she had to run in and buy something, reynolds. we'll try to get her back up in a minute. reynolds is over there. reynolds, are you a last-minute procrastinator? >> everything i do is
7:06 am
last-minute. i just turned around to hear you last-minute. come on. that's the way we've done the show. really quick, really fast. you guys can walk by. feel fry to walk by. we are active here in the weather office w good reason. we have some weather going on today. everybody is wondering if they will see a white christmas or not. a few places may see snowflakes in the air. we'll tell you who is getting what coming up. i'm told now that allison who is in jersey city, keeping an eye on things. i can see you now. i was assuming that you stepped away from the camera, because you had to do some shopping. is that the truth? >> i was really tempted to because five minutes ago the doors opened. we are near one store. the doors literally just opened. believe it or not, it's 7:05 in the morning. would you believe people are out here shopping this early? we are in the home stretch before christmas. the final day, the final hours before the big day. yes, if you're a procrastinator,
7:07 am
today is your day to focus. that shining light is on you if you are the procrastinator. i ran into one procrastinator here. this is ed. ed, you came out this morning to do some shopping. what have you been waiting for? >> i'm a last-minute shopperment sometimes you get the best deals, so you come to the malls where you can hit everything quick at once. >> there some sort of strategy? do you plan to wait until the last minute? >> you don't plan to wait until the last minute but it happens because you're busy. i try to come here as early as possible so you can miss the rush and get out quick. >> reporter: there are some benefits to waiting, isn't there? >> yeah. you get some better sales at times, get the biggest discounts. sometimes it does help. >> reporter: i'll let you go. start your shopping. he's not alone. there's a consumer reports survey, t.j., that shows 25% of people who responded as of thursday say they have not even started their christmas shopping yet. that's up from 17% last year. so, ed is not alone. if you're watching this and
7:08 am
getting ready to go out and go shopping, just know you're not alone. t.j.? >> all right. thank that guy for us for taking the time out. thanks for grabbing him. we will continue to check in with you. i assume it will get busier. thank you very much. to the last-minute shoppers out there and people trying to get somewhere, trying to get to that family gathering, you need to hear reynolds wolf. he's coming up in a moment. he will have the latest on the forecast which will cause a few problems for some of you.
7:09 am
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7:10 am
with the loose laces. that never made sense. we are talking about shoes, the michael jordan shoes. >> the jordans. it's amazing that you're saying, some of these kids and those violent scenes, they never saw him play. they never saw him play and they're pushing, shoving, trampling each other for these shoes. >> 2003 was his last game in the nba. look at them. it's great. look, it's capitalism, going in to get a product -- come on, folks. $180, by the way. more on this in the next block. we will have your comments about what would go crazy for. people love a white christmas -- >> would you wear your air jordans out in the snow? >> no. >> people in new mexico will be doing that. not wearing their air jordans but cleaning up snow. same deal in colorado. let's show you what i'm talking about. everything on this map that appears to be this purplish color or pink color, that's
7:11 am
where the heavy snowfall happens to be. some of this fell in feet. boulder, colorado, 72 hours ago. the snow was incredibly heavy. more of that will shift over into parts of texas. not impressive in terms of snow on the ground, but that will come. as we look at our radar. we will zoom in on the lone star state. on one side you have the rain, sleet, snow. a mix of things. the back half of the system, everything is frigid there with the moisture. you have some snow in the apache mountains. parts of the pacific northwest, back towards seattle, it's mainly going to be rain. getting up to the cascades, not rain. you will see that switch over to snowfall. speaking of snow, we have lake effect snowfall action. we have wind coming in from the northwest, and as it picks up that moisture from the lake, it drops the low level of the atmosphere with temperatures right at or below the freezing level.
7:12 am
so that will result in snow. the big weathermaker we have in the northeast will be that wind. the wind that we will have across the northern plains, northern rockies. that will bring a blast of cold air into places like denver, colorado. we can expect daytime highs to rise to 41 degrees. with the wind, it will feel cooler. 39 in chicago also 39 in minneapolis. 51 for houston. 61 in atlanta. 40s in washington, d.c. same deal over towards richmond. when you get into new york and boston, back into the upper to low 30s. 80s in tampa. miami. when it's 81 near miami, you don't have any problems at all. it will be a great day for you. nothing major. 70 in los angeles. 62 in san francisco. 34 in los angeles. 74 in los angeles. t.j., something else we have to talk about this morning is we have football that will be back. a lot of nfl games. some games inside, even in some
7:13 am
domes where people will be tailgating outside. we'll have that straight ahead. >> all right. a special lineup of programming for you tonight on cnn. 7:00, a look back at the best and worst of 2011 in politics, pop culture, sports and more. at 8:00, "on the front lines" recapping the war's disasterses and demonstrations. and at 9:00, piers morgan with the year's hottest musicmakers. this morning we've been asking you to weigh in on this story. a frenzy out there, even a violent frenzy for the newest air jordans. actually an update of an old model. you know how this goes. classic air jordans going on sale sparked scenes like this over the country. we've been asking you what would you stand in line and go crazy for? that's next. this new at&t 4g lte is fast.
7:14 am
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quarter past the hour. let's show this video once again. then we will get to reynolds comments on what he would stand in line for. this frenzy over the new air jordans -- the old air jordans, but nike re-released these jordans. that's ridiculous. they released the air jordan 11 version yesterday. people had to break up crowds, pepper spray crowds. they said there was violence. police officers injured. several people arrested, this was all over the country, to the just in one place but stores
7:16 am
across the country. the shoes are $180. so this sparked a question this morning, what would you stand in line for hours to get and go crazy about? one person said i would stand in line for hours for something of lasting value, like a house or successful business. definitely not shoes. makes sense. sheena summed it up saying nothing. another said free health insurance. free car insurance for life. that's a good one. here's one from grown sexy85. stand in line for prince tickets. but reynolds, i was asking you, had you ever done this before? you seemed to suggest, yes -- >> i wasn't going to say anything. i was in there minding my own business and got dragged back in here. okay. >> what was it? >> 1997, fat boy's album. >> you stood in line for it? >> i actually did. >> there was a line for that album? >> there was a line for fat boy's greatest hits.
7:17 am
>> are you serious? >> the shoes. you will see those shoes on ebay. >> they are popping up already. 500 bucks, things like that. >> if you just wait -- if you have a delayed gratification, if you can wait until february, april -- >> they might be out. >> absolutely. or go with the canvas converse trekky taylor ky tailors. or just make your own scheme. >> calm down over the shoes. i love them, we all love them, but calm down over the shoes. clyde anderson will help you avoid some of the traps you may have fallen into in 2011. don't make the same mistakes in 2012. >> fat boy's greatest hits was a great album. that's a big accomplishment to me. i don't know how much money i need.
7:18 am
but i know that whatever i have that's what i'm going to live within. ♪ ♪ sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning...
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♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates.
7:20 am
quarter past the hour, clyde anderson is here to say people have been doing some stupid stuff -- >> i wouldn't say stupid. >> what would you call it? >> falling for it. >> the stuff we did, we need to make sure we don't make the same
7:21 am
mistakes. financial traps for 2012. >> one of them is the deal of the day, the groupon, telling you this is on sale, if you buy it right now, this is the price. >> that's not right? >> it's not on your list. if it wasn't on a needs list, now it becomes something you want. and you're seeing it and it seems like it's a great deal. >> sometimes is it a great deal we just don't need it? >> if you need it, it can be a great deal. if it's something you don't need -- now we get driven by the excitement and the chase of the deal -- >> what if i don't need a car and it's on sale for five grand. >> that's a different situation. it depends on what kind of car it is and what you can do with the car you already have. >> what's next on your list? >> a lot of times we're seeing people that are buying -- they're going out finding these deals that they think are good deals, but they spend hours shopping for these deals.
7:22 am
so they exhaust all possibilities for the sale. so they're going out saying i will spend five hours looking for this thing. think about the opportunity cost. how much is your hour worth? if i spend five hours and i make $100 an hour, i spent $500 looking for this item i need. so you really wasted time, you wasted money, instead of buying it and saving 10 bucks or 5 bucks. is it worth it? >> i never would have thought about it that way. >> let's get that list back up. what was next? >> the next trap we need to avoid is buying on emotion. this year has been a roller coaster. the stock market has gone up, debt ceiling debates. all these things going on that people are tuned into, so it's driving them to make a decision to buy or not to buy. when the stock market is up. we want to feel good and buy. everything is great. the economy is good. the job numbers are out. we have to step away from that and don't make buying decisions based on how you feel
7:23 am
emotionally. >> i saw big bank fees on the list. can we avoid this? >> that's one thing we have fallen for because of the big bank fees. some banks have come in with new charge the as and then removed charges. because we are using those debit cards, we are charged. i'm a big advocate of using cash when you can. be strategic about how we do things and not caught up in what the banks are doing. >> i saw the last one on the list, talking about the 10% discount? what is it. this is savings. save before you spend. save before you spend. we actually spend and then figure out how much we can safe. we have to try to save 10%. save 10% before you go out. >> no matter what. >> save 10% and then go out and do your spending. don't do it the other way around, don't spend it all and then figure out how much i can save now. >> no matter how little you might have or how much you might
7:24 am
have. putting stuff aside. >> start with something, save something. you will be amazed at the momentum. when you start saving something, next month save more. it becomes a game you play with yourself, seeing how much i can save. >> if the car is on sale, clyde -- teasing. >> depending on how much. the number is -- the magic number. that's the key. >> clyde, it's been a pleasure. we've been working together for years here now. this is our last segment together. it's been a pleasure. >> always a pleasure. >> we're good friends and we'll see each other more now that i'm gone probably than when i was here. coming up at the bottom of the hour, tourists come for the religious experience but the government wants their money. all the skills that i learned in the military are very transferable into the corporate and real world. chase hired me to be a personal banker. the 100,000 jobs mission has definitely helped me
7:25 am
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tourism is big business in the west bank city of bethlehem this time of year, but the good cheer is fading fast. kevin flowers explains. ♪ >> reporter: it's not hard to tell it's the holiday season in bethlehem. giant tree stands in the center of manger square. all around the sights and sounds of christmas can be found in abundance. at the nearby church of the nativity built at the site where christians believe jesus was born, crist visitors from aroun world gather at this important
7:28 am
stop. they are among the over 1 million christian pilgrims who come to the holy land each year and represent the fastest growing sector in the tourism industry. while the number of tourists visiting in bethlehem is up compared to last year, palestinian tourism officials say it's hard to get them to spend their money here, citing what they say is stiff and unfair competition from israel. this woman is the palestinian minister of tourism. she says israel uses its control of the holy land gateways, airports, ports and land crossings to unfairly direct tourists towards spending more time at religious sites under israeli control. >> we still have 5% to 10% of the revenues, 90% is spent on the israeli side, which is an unfair distribution. i believe even for israel t is still a missed opportunity because they use us only as a bridge to develop tourism into israel. >> reporter: israeli tourism
7:29 am
officials downplay that criticism saying increased tourism benefits both sides, and that locations like bethlehem are an intrickle part of a religious experience here. we are certainly highlighting and giving possibilities within the areas which we have control of. but we have no problem at all with the full package, people will go backwards and forwards between those two, three locations. >> reporter: back in mangers square, this merchant says there are enough tourists coming through bethlehem, but that the problem is getting them to stay. >> five minutes in the church, then they take them to the big churches where they get the commissions. >> reporter: he says he and other merchants are deeply discouraged and that israelis and palestinians need to do


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